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People are heeding the advice to stay home to keep pressure off the NHS – and it’s working, says advisor.

Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish says he is “deeply embarrassed” after being pictured at the scene of a car accident on Sunday.

Christopher Guest More Jr was arrested in Malta in connection with the death of a man in 2003.

Newcastle United become the first Premier League club to place their non-playing staff on temporary leave because of the coronavirus pandemic.

A number of global airlines are still running passenger flights amid the coronavirus pandemic.

UK government announces new plan to fly home tens of thousands of Britons stranded by coronavirus pandemic

Sixty-six non-league clubs send an open letter to the Football Association, calling for it to “urgently” reconsider expunging their seasons.

Sian Cosgrove had nicknamed the black and white moggie Eric but he is actually called Walter.

A new social media challenge sees sports stars post no context football pictures.

As many childcare providers close their doors, key workers with young children tell the BBC they are “stuck”.